Donate To Na’atik And Help Change A Future

Na’atik Projects is a registered 501(c)(3) charity organization. Donations help provide affordable English classes and scholarships to bright, deserving students in our community. We believe that the students from Felipe Carrillo Puerto and the surrounding communities should have every opportunity to access well-paid jobs, go on to study for careers in medicine, engineering, education or whatever their hearts desire as well as to travel the world. Please read more about our different projects below.

Other Ways to Give

Beyond a standard monetary donation Na’atik supporters can also give in other ways:

  1. Use Amazon Smile – Amazon has an amazing feature that can turn a portion of any purchase you make into a donation towards Na’atik. Follow this link. Or select Naatik Projects as your charity of choice in your existing Amazon Smile account.
  2. Donate in kind– It can take a lot of supplies to run a school and in-kind services can greatly increase the capacity of our small staff. If you’d like to offer goods or services to the school please contact us at so we can discuss the best options for utilizing your gift.
  3. Matching funds- Many companies and organizations match their employees’ donation to charitable organizations. We’re happy to send over any documentation they require.
  4. Fundraise on our behalf – We’ve had folks set up their own fundraisers to support the school. Do a charity bike ride, run a bake sale, create a crowdfund, or any other creative thing you can think of. Just reach out to and we’ll help you coordinate everything.

Why Learning English Is Important

English opens the doors to opportunity, and not just to getting better jobs in the Riviera Maya (though it certainly helps), but to further education, professional careers and international travel.

The public school system in our area begins teaching English in middle school, in classes of over 40 students with teachers who often don’t have a strong grasp of the language. Na’atik is unique as we are the only program in this region for students to learn English from qualified, native-speaking teachers. A strong level of English is also a requirement for getting into good universities so without this skill, even if students are well-prepared in all their other subjects, they are prevented from getting the education they want and deserve.

Your donations help us to maintain this high-quality instruction while keeping costs low.


Maya Youth (MY) Project

Maestra Blaiqe and Scholarship student Ossiel who can attend school thanks to our donors

 Maestra Blaiqe and Maya Youth Project student Ossiel.

While we do our best to keep costs as low as possible, many local families still can’t afford the luxury of additional education. In our colorful town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto—near some of the most stunning beach resorts in the world—more than 70% of the population lives in poverty. It is for this reason that we began the MY Project scholarship program. Our MY Project scholarship program covers the tuition of 25 local, bright and deserving students. $410 dollars covers one student’s tuition for one school year. Without the support of our donors, these 25 students would no longer be able to attend class.

When students are accepted into the MY Project, both they and their parents commit to regular attendance and hard work. In turn, Na’atik provides academic support and a nurturing space for students to learn. Our small class sizes ensure that kids who might otherwise fall through the cracks have the extra attention they deserve. If we see a student struggling (with schoolwork or with outside issues) we do everything in our power to keep him or her on track.

Our promise to our donors is that when you commit to supporting a child financially, we passionately commit to supporting that child both academically and emotionally.

When you donate to the MY Project, we will let you know who you are supporting. During the school year, you will receive a picture and a letter from your student; they’ll tell you in their own words how they’re progressing! Your donation can make a huge difference in the life of a child in the Zona Maya. Please donate to the MY Project today.

Donate button that links to our donation form General Fund And Library Project

By donating to our General Fund and Library Project, you are helping us to continue providing affordable, high-quality education to all our students. We have over 200 students studying English with us and we rely on donations to subsidize the cost of classes and keep them affordable for the community of Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

Donations to our General Fund help us to purchase teaching materials and resources, including items for our new library. The library, which is scheduled to open in this fall, will provide free access to books and computers with internet as well as a quiet place to study; things that are not currently available to our local students.

Donate button that links to our donation form Partnerships

At Na’atik we have been lucky enough to have the support of organizations as well as individuals. We are particularly grateful for the support of our official field-trip sponsor, ZAMAS Tulum. ZAMAS donated a raffle prize for our field-trip fundraiser two years in a row – helping us raise an amazing $1,620 in 2017 – and gifted $300 towards our 2017 events. Thank you ZAMAS!

Students from Na'atik's English program enjoy watermelon at our 2017 field trip

Fun at Na’atik’s 2017 English camp day.

How Can You Contribute As An Organization?

  1. Fundraise on our behalf by running an event or doing a challenge event.
  2. Donate a % of your profits to Na’atik.
  3. Donate pro-bono services or goods.

We are also registered on Amazon Smile. Donate to Na’atik as you shop by visiting and selecting Naatik Projects (no apostrophe) as your chosen charity. Amazon will then gift a percentage of all your spending to Naatik Projects 501(c)(3).

If you would like more information about how you can support us as an organization please email John at

Our Bank Details

If you’d prefer to make a donation by depositing directly into our credit union account you can use the details below. Please include your name in the payment reference so we can notify you once we receive your payment. Alternatively pay with credit card or PayPal by clicking the orange button below.

Salal Credit Union (located in Seattle)
Account name: Na’atik Projects
Account: 1600000189699
Routing: 325081610

Along with your generous donations, we reinvest 10% of every booking from our Study Abroad Yucatán Program into furthering our community impact.

We know these kids can have amazing futures and with your support, possibilities can become realities!

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