Activities and Excursions

Sometimes to truly learn a language you have to get outside of the classroom. Na’atik builds this into our study abroad curriculum with our welcome dinner, lagoon trip, and most importantly our homestays. But for the student interested in even more opportunities to practice their Spanish while learning more about the local culture we also offers a variety of opt-in experiences. If you have a particular activity or excursion you’d like to participate in let us know so we can schedule it while you’re here. The excursions require a minimum number of participants so let us know as soon as you can if you’re interested!





Lead by one of our local bilingual guides these Saturday all-day excursions will give you a true sense of the Yucatán. Learn about archaeological wonders, enjoy the natural beauty and practice your Spanish. Each excursion includes your guide, transportation, entrance fees, fruit, snacks, and lunch. Just be sure to bring water, a swimsuit and sunscreen!

Excursion to Chichen Itzá, Hubiku Cenote and Valladolid

Na'atik students exploring Chichen Itzá

Admiring Chichen Itzá

Join us for a journey to one of the Seven Wonders of the modern world! Experience the majesty of Chichen Itzá, one of the most important ceremonial centers of the Mayan age. After visiting the world famous archaeological site, enjoy a first-class buffet lunch and then cool off in the magnificent Hubiku Cenote held within a spectacular cavern. The day ends with a stop in the city of Valladolid with its colonial architecture where you can shop, explore or simply people-watch in the central square.


    • Minimum 3 people
    • Price: $1600 MXN per person


Excursion to Cobá, Casa Cenote and Tulum

Group of Na'atik Students explore the Casa Cenote in Mexicoo

Hanging in the Casa Cenote

Start your day exploring the beautiful Maya ruins of Cobá – home of the tallest pyramid in Quintana Roo – nestled in the enchanting jungle. Following the ruins, you’ll be refreshed by a dip in nearby Casa Cenote, a naturally occurring freshwater pool fed by underground rivers. Continue on to lunch and finally end your day on a snorkeling trip at the beautiful Caribbean beach of Tulum. From there you will view the majestic Tulum ruins from the sea. If you’re lucky you might even swim with a sea turtle!


  • Minimum 3 people
  • Price: $1900 MXN per person


Excursion to Chacchobén and Bacalar

Journey to Bacalar from Felipe Carrillo Puerto

Relaxing views of Bacalar

Discover the stories of the pirates of Bacalar! Start the day in the Maya ruins of Chacchoben. You might even share the experience with the local spider monkeys! After visiting the ruins we then head to Bacalar and the “lagoon of seven colors.” You’ll take a boat tour to see where the pirates used to enter the lagoon as well as have the chance to take a cooling dip in the cool, turquoise water. After lunch in town, you will visit a fort where you’ll learn more about the history of the pirates and the region.



  • Minimum 3 people
  • Price: $1300 MXN per person


Making tortilla's in Felipe Carrillo Puerto

Tortilla class

In addition to day-long excursions throughout the region we encourage study abroad students to participate in cultural activities here in Carrillo. These structured activities allow you to relax, have fun, and learn new vocabulary!

Tortilla Making

Learn the traditional art of making tortillas by hand with freshly-ground corn masa as well as learn how to make tortillas when you return home with corn flour Maseca. You’ll also make a spicy salsa dip and fresh, seasonal fruit juice from the region.


  • Maximum 3 people
  • Duration 1.5 hours
  • Price: $250 MXN 1 person or $180 MXN per person for 2-3 people

Mexican-Maya cooking class

Na'atik Cooking class in Felipe Carrillo Puerto

Cooking in Carrillo

Learn to cook a local Mexican-Maya meal with local teachers. You will make empanadas, guacamole, sikil p’aak (Yucatecan pumpkin seed dip), and a fresh, seasonal fruit juice from the region.


  • Minimum 3 people
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Price: $450 MXN per person for 3 people or $350 MXN per person for 4 or more people
  • Included for students who stay two or more weeks

Relax with a Massage

Take a break from a hard day of studying with a relaxing massage. The private balcony at the school offers a relaxing place to get a massage while enjoying the breeze in the open air. While standard massages are available you can also ask for a Maya style massage which focuses on digestive health.

Felipe Carrillo Puerto Massage

Massage at Na’atik

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Price: $450 MXN if only one massage is booked or $350 MXN per person if two or more people make a reservation

Bike the Sian Ka’an

Lead by a local guide, this bicycle tour takes you 6km into the jungle to the entrance of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere down the old railway track created by the Spanish Mexicans during the historic Caste War in the late 1800s.

The biosphere is a bird-watcher’s paradise full of species unique to the region. You might even spot a jungle animal or two along the way! You will cycle past traditional Maya houses and milpas (small plot farms). You will visit two lagoons as well as a cenote, a natural spring water pool, where you’ll be able to take a refreshing swim.

Biking in the Sian Ka'an Felipe Carrillo Puerto

Biking through the jungle


  • Timing: 8-11am or 4-7pm, any day of the week
  • Duration and distance: 2-3 hrs, 12km in total
  • Price: $450 MXN per person


And just like the other elements of the study abroad program a portion of the proceeds from the excursions goes back towards funding English language programs at the school!