Group Outing (GO) Weeks

We’ve had the privilege of hosting many different groups in the past few years in addition to our individual and family study abroad travelers. Often we’re able to prepare more intensive cultural experiences for these groups outside of our normal language immersion programs. Now we’d like to open up those opportunities to everyone with our Group Outing (GO) Weeks.

Spend a week living in and exploring a Mexican-Maya community while improving your Spanish. Get to know a whole new group of fellow language learners through classes, activities, and excursions – making lifelong friends along the way.  You’re also giving back to the local community – 10 percent of your fee goes directly towards Na’atik’s nonprofit English language program.

Take a chance to travel differently in 2018 and email us today: 

2018 Dates:

Spring: May 12 – 20

Fall: October 27 – November 4


$850 / person
Limited time offer – book before Jan 31st and receive $100 off!

Covers room, meals, all activities and local transport
Does not cover flights, select entrance fees and lunches


Homestay, Study Abroad, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Mexico
Welcome Dinner
Drop off individually at homestays
Kayak, Lagoon
Morning with homestay family
Trip to Balam Nah Lagoon for lunch, kayaking, and swimming
Back for dinner with homestay
Museum, Mural, Wall Art, Casa de Cultura, Felipe Carrillo Puerto
1 hour orientation at Na’atik
3 hours of Spanish class
Lunch at homestay
2 hour walking tour of El Museo, Casa de la Cultura, and the Church of the Talking Crosses
Dinner with homestay.
TuesdayMaya, Ceremony, Mexico3 hours of Spanish Class
Lunch with homestay
Visit to Maya center Raxalaj
Dinner with homestay
Coba, Naatik student visit,
Visit to Cobá, a cenote, Tulum ruins, and beach
Back for dinner with homestay
Mexican Cooking, Maya Cooking, Mayan Cooking
3 hours of Spanish Class
Cooking class for lunch
Free afternoon
Dinner with homestay
Día de Muertos, Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead
3 hours of Spanish Class
Tour in Maya community explaining how chicle, or gum, is made
Dinner with homestay
During the Fall GO Week you can join your family in their celebration of Día de Muertos
English as a foreign language class
Workshop with local English language students
Graduation and feedback at Na’atik
Free afternoon for packing, spending time with homestay family